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8/5/13 2:08 PM 

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Feature Focus - June 2011 

E g] B 

A Perfect Day in Atlanta 

by Rev. Tim Downs 

In one day we praised the Lord with music and singing, we tackled business, 
remembered our loved ones who have passed on, and listened to what others 
had to say. It was a great day, with a little rain, but nothing to dampen the spirits 

of new and old friends coming together once again. 

Click here to watch video from 5 segments of the conference. 

Central Congregational UCC in Atlanta rolled out the red carpet for us all. They 
provided a team of church members that were ready to direct meeting attendees, 
prepare food for the hungry, coordinate the day's agenda and see that everyone 
felt at home. Thank you Central! 

Many joined us for the early morning Conversation 
Corners. There were eight different corners to 
choose from and the topics covered many 
interests. We had wonderful discussions and a lot 
of listening. Click here to read a reflection of the 
Transforming Churches Campaign discussion. 


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Church of Christ 

Clergy health care resolution 
approved by Synod delegates 
Delegates to General Synod 28 
restored the vigor of the 
resolution "Affirming Healthcare 
Coverage for UCC Authorized 
Ministers and Their Families." 
The amended resolution passed 
with 81 percent of the vote. 



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Leader Link Feature Focus Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

8/5/13 2:08 PM 

The Many Faces at the Annual Meeting 

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The Many Faces of SEC Annual Meeting 

Conversation Corners 

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Carpe Diem Dinner 

Around the Annual Meeting 

God Is still 
speaking y'all 

Our new SEC t-shirt was on sale 
at the Annual Meeting. If you 
missed your chance and would 
like to order one today, contact 
Gerricontact Gerri in the SEC 
office. Link here for order form. 
Order one, two or order shirts for 
your whole team. They are 
available in all adult sizes. 

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Leader Link Feature Focus Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

8/5/13 2:08 PM 

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